About Us

Positive Proof is a business that embodies the essential ingredient in child and school safety; relationships…with hundreds of schools and thousands of parents…with law enforcement…with educators – so we can be sure our products deliver exactly what is needed. From visitor management systems for schools and businesses that instantly check for registered sex offenders in all fifty states, to digital child ID cards with electronically captured fingerprints, Positive Proof has the power to protect.

Don’t go it alone. Contact Positive Proof—and put a team of safety experts to work for you.

About The Founder

As a seasoned veteran in the school and child safety industry since 1991, I have learned important trade secrets—and developed some of my own—that help create a better safety net for schools and the children who attend them. I founded Positive Proof in 2000, after nearly a decade of experience in the field, so I could bring those vital safety solutions to parents and schools across the country.

I invite you to make Positive Proof an important part of your child’s safety net!

— Georgeann Berry
Founder, Positive Proof