Child ID Program

The parent’s motto: Be prepared!

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Now you can be, with Positive Proof Child ID Program that includes kids ID cards, digital Anywhere ID, fingerprint cards and more. If your child is involved in disaster, foul play or other emergencies, trust our products to give you the information authorities need most.

How do we know? Because we listen carefully to those on the “front lines.” Law enforcement officials. Parents. School administration. So you can be sure our child ID programs are comprehensive, easy to use and reflective of the latest trends.

Because we conduct our child id program on-site at schools, the only thing parents need to do is sign up—then leave the rest to us. In the last year alone, we made more than 100,000 child identification cards for concerned parents.

Join thousands of satisfied families. Carry Positive Proof Child ID products—and carry peace of mind.

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